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Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Check out last Wednesday's amazing story by Fox 6 News Milwaukee and Fox6's Bret Lemoine! A huge thanks to Bret and Fox6 for all of their hard work putting the story together and helping spread the word about the Officer Jerving Memorial Fundraiser!

The Bobbleheads Bring Us Together Project team and myself are so thankful for all the support that the Officer Jerving Memorial Fundraiser has gained since the interview! We raised nearly $200 in 24 hours after the story aired, which brought our total to $547.

If you're still interested in learning how to support the fundraiser and the BBUTP check out our Linktree at together. You can find our PayPal and Venmo there as well to make a monetary donation to the fundraiser! Stay tuned on our Facebook page in the coming days as well, as we will be auctioning off the last 6 bobbleheads of the Officer Jerving Memorial Fundraiser!

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