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Waukesha Christmas Parade 2022 REVIEW: Waukesha becomes "Stronger Together"

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Bobbleheads Bring Us Together Enters 2022 Waukesha Christmas Parade and helps Waukesha prove, we are stronger together!

The BBUTP team made its emotional debut in 2022 Waukesha Christmas Parade, Founder returns one year after being severely injured in 2021 #WaukeshaChristmasParadeAttack

After we officially launched our organization in July of 2022, we knew automatically that one of our first big events would be entering the 2022 Waukesha Christmas Parade.

Our founder, Tyler Pudleiner was injured severely in the 2021 Waukesha Christmas Parade Attack, while marching with the Waukesha South High School band.

While preparing our float for the parade, we knew we wanted to highlight the six that we lost in the attack, to show that they will never be forgotten. After discussing the parade with a couple of other non-profit organizations very close to our heart, we came up with the idea to represent all three organizations that were started after the parade attack.

These include Premier Dance Company, Jackson Sparks Foundation, and the Bobbleheads Bring Us Together Project! That is when the "Stronger Together" idea was born. Since day one, "Waukesha Strong" has defined this city's resilient and redefining journey. "Waukesha Strong" will always be apart of the journey but the BBUTP team knew that as Waukesha continued to move into the next chapter of healing, the city need a new moto for that chapter.

"Stronger Together" represents so much about what Waukesha has overcome in the past year. It shows that when we all come together, when can prove that we are physically and emotionally stronger than the convicted attacker.

“We have 12 hearts, one for each side, it’s going to be seen obviously on both sides of the truck. We’re going to represent the 6 that we lost… by painting colors of hearts and including pictures of those” Pudleiner told Tom Durian of TMJ4 News

"Pudleiner is still recovering from the injuries he suffered during the parade."

He told TMJ4 News, “I’m still dealing with a couple injuries, the big one is my right leg.”

But the complications and a half dozen surgeries weren’t going to keep him from this parade. He looks at it as part of the healing process. “I think it will actually help prove that yeah I can do this

and help get over that hurdle… I think it will be good for everybody… to actually bring us together again and obviously keep the whole Waukesha Strong motto going," he said.

Pudleiner tells the Bobbleheads Bring Us Together Project Team, "The Bobbleheads Bring Us Together Project was truly honored to have partnered up and represented these two fellow and absolutely phenomenal organizations, at the 2022 parade. Plus having the Waukesha Blazers staged in line behind us, as well as during the parade made it that much more awesome!"

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